face to face with our animals!

Gettorf Animal Park

Adopt an animal

Would you like to show your sympathy with Tierpark Gettorf or specifically one of its animals?
Would you like to help us and our inhabitants?

Then we would recommend a sponsorship for one of our animals!

Be it as a nice present for a loved person or a little thank-you and remembrance for a nice and unforgettable day at our park or just to show your attachment to your favourite animal.

Sponsorships are valid for one year. The costs for the different animals you will find in the list below.

As a thank-you from us you will receive

  • a plate with your name at the exhibit of your ‘foster’ animal
  • a beautifully coloured certificate

If you are interested or want to know more please ask us under tel.-no. (+49)-4346-41600 or write a mail.

Find your favourite animal: