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News about our animals

17. February 2020
Our new boygroup

Since this spring Casper, Carl, Jack and William are the new Emperor Tamarins at Tierpark Gettorf.


16. February 2020
Survivorlists at our zoo

During this weekend some real desert specialists have moved to our zoo .


9. August 2019
Tapir “Tambo” became a father for the first time

It took a long time, but now it has finally worked out: Lowland Tapir female “Jule” is happy about a healthy young son, which is also the first surviving offspring of our male “Tambo”. (more…)

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News about the park

3. October 2019
Einheitsbuddeln – we are part of it!

The zoo Gettorf takes part in the big tree planting campaign for today’s German national holiday!


30. September 2019
Electromobility reaches Tierpark Gettorf

From now on our visitors will have access to an E.ON Drive charging device for the charging of electrically powered vehicles with 2 charging stations on our parking lot.


1. August 2019
Monkey house in a new look

After our Crested Macaques moved into their new enclosure, we started reconstructing the front area of the monkey house in the autumn of 2018. This construction project is now largely completed and our monkey house now appears in its new splendor. (more…)

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