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17. February 2020:

Our new boygroup

Since this spring Casper, Carl, Jack and William are the new Emperor Tamarins at Tierpark Gettorf.

After having successfully bred this species of marmosets for many years, we took a break after the age-related death of our old breeding pair, in order to fundamentally renovate our enclosures inside the monkey house. When this work was finished in spring 2020, we were able to look for new residents for the enclosures.

As these animals are part of the European Endangered Species breeding program, however, this is not the task of the individual zoos, but the studbook manager decides which zoo may receive animals from another zoo. A breeding group was currently not available for organizational reasons. But Dortmund Zoo was just looking for a place for a group of 4 young men aged 2-5, and the stud book manager decided that these young men should now move to Gettorf.

All four animals are descendants of the same parents and have lived together since their birth. This fact – together with the fact that there are no females around – increases the likelihood that the four of them will get along quite well.

Usually marmosets live in pairs with their offspring and both males and females do not tolerate full-grown, same-sex competitors nearby – but only if there is actually a partner to argue about. If the opposite sex is absent, males in particular usually get along quite well in so-called bachelor groups.

Immediately after arrival, the mood of the four was understandably a little tense due to the stressful move. Now we hope that the four brothers will calm down a bit after settling into their new surroundings and that they will continue to get along well as a group.

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