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16. February 2020:

Survivorlists at our zoo

During this weekend some real desert specialists have moved to our zoo .

After our old 16 year old bearded dragon Bert had more and more problems with climbing and therefore moved to a kind of “assisted living” at one of our animal keepers for his last days, the desert terrarium in the monkey house had been empty for a while .

Now life has returned to the desert landscape, as 3 Rainbow Spiny Tail Lizards have come from Münster Zoo to Gettorf and moved into the terrarium.

The male and the two females can now often be seen sunbathing on the branches – but mostly only at second glance, because the animals are masters of camouflage and merge with the background when they are lying motionless like a branch themselves.

Now we are eager to see how the male will present itself in the upcoming mating season. Only then it will swap its camouflage dress for a more colorful gown.

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