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9. August 2019:

Tapir “Tambo” became a father for the first time

It took a long time, but now it has finally worked out: Lowland Tapir female “Jule” is happy about a healthy young son, which is also the first surviving offspring of our male “Tambo”.

Although “Tambo” was relocated from Hagenbeck Zoo to Gettorf over three years ago, no signs of successful reproduction could be sighted at first. Then female “Jule” was visibly pregnant and all the keepers waited anxiously for the end of the 13-month gestation period. So there was a big disappointment when in the spring of 2018 a stillborn baby was the unfortunate result.

Therefore hopes and anxieties were high, as “Jule” was pregnant again. And this time it finally worked out: on the 9th of August, a healthy little Tapir boy was born, who was soon christened “Paco”.

He grows and thrives and under the supervision of his mother even makes the first swimming attempts in the pool, accompanied by great sympathy not only from his mother, but also from his father “Tambo” and half-sister “Tina”.

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