face to face with our animals!

Gettorf Animal Park

Meet and Greet


Would you like to get to know our lemurs from their individual side? Do you want to cuddle with one of our tapirs eye to eye (or nose to nose)? Touch the armour of our armadillo or the wooly fur of our alpacas? Then seize the opportunity of spending an exclusive hour super close to our animals or give a memorable animal experience to a dear person.

With us, you have the opportunity to experience an exclusive animal encounter with several of our animals. The animal encounters run for about one hour. Per session a restricted numer of persons can participate directly, spectators are welcome to watch from outside the enclosure.

At the moment we can offer the following encounters:

species maximum number of participants programme schedule
lemurs 4 clicker training, health check, feeding mon-fri 9:30 a.m. upon request
tapirs 4 grooming, tickling, feeding upon request except mon
donkeys 4 grooming, feeding upon request
alpacas 4 grooming, feeding upon request
wallabies 2 feeding, possibly clicker training tue-fri 9:30 a.m. upon request
armadillo 2 free running, enrichments items upon request
meerkat 1 enrichment items, feeding, clicker training upon request

For this exclusive meeting we charge an amount of 40, – € in addition to the admission fee. Prior notification and appointment is necessary. For current changes in the corresponding group of animals, we reserve the right to change the date. Within the animal enclosure the instructions of the keepers must be followed in all cases.